Black Cherry


Joe is in a very loving relationship. Everything is almost perfect. There’s only one problem, Joe greatly desires one thing that the relationship cannot provide. Dissatisfied with the inability to fulfill a certain need, Joe seeks fulfillment elsewhere. When lies, deceit, and revenge enter the relationship valued above everything else, Joe is pushed to the brink to act impulsively to try and save what was worked so hard to obtain. Will Joe’s action go too far, causing the end of the couple’s relationship or even someone’s life? 



“Ms. Zaria, I must say, I wanna go feed my man after reading this sexy novella, please say that this will be continued? Gurrrlll you threw down on this one!”

~Caramel Vixen, author of Thickness: A BBW Erotic Anthology


“WARNING: Have Your Lover Close By!...This was a very sensual, erotic, enticing, exotic read! Joe was not to be played with in the bedroom, but had a weakness that couldn't be cherry! It was engaging story that took you on a scandalous ride that left you wanting more. I must say I'm wondering if the story will be continued. Short but sweet... I liked it! (and so did my man!)”

~By Anna J "Writer's Edge Publications,LLC"


“HOT, HOT, HOT! Black Cherry Rules. Very sexy story. The things we think we do in the dark will come to light. You might want to check out your next Lover. What a very small, small, small world. Make sure you have a fan nearby you will need it. LOL”

~ Amazon Reviewer 













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