Lookin' For A Lover....


Looking for love in all the wrong places seems to be Zaria Jones’ theme song. Moving from one bad relationship to another, she is convinced that karma has caught up with her, so she decides to try love on the other spectrum.

Women have always turned her on, but with the stigma that society places on same sex relationships, she chose to keep her attraction to women to herself. She was always able to do that, until she meets Charmaine, a tall hazel-eyed voluptuous beauty that takes her breath away.

Now Zaria finds herself in what she considers the perfect relationship. She is finally with a person who fulfills her every want and need. Their sexual escapades are unbelievably wild and erotic, leaving Zaria more than satisfied and not missing the opposite sex in the least. Everything was going great... Until that horrible night she caught her lover in a compromising position, which later leads to an even more ultimate betrayal.

Is there such a thing as the perfect relationship? Or is she destined to be alone forever? Follow Zaria’s journey as she finds out if the grass is greener on the other side.


"From the jump, it's obvious where "Lookin' For a Lover..." is going. In the hands of a less talented author, that could be a problem. But newcomer Zaria , in her promising debut, brings emotion and freshness to a familiar plot. She writes clearly and summons the necessary narrative, eroticism and creativity to carry this novel. Additional pluses - an interesting subplot and some tantalizing poetry. I look forward to getting reacquainted with Zaria in "Lookin' For a Lover...Again." 

Reviewed by Ms Toni


 "Lookin' For a Lover" is a must read novel for anyone who is thinking of switching sides, but more importantly, it's a good read for all. This novel has a lot of drama that will keep you turning pages! I am waiting impatiently for the sequel. 

Reviewed by: Tekisha of OOSA Bookclub


 LOOKIN' FOR A LOVER... touched on issues about sexuality, acceptance, and discovery that many people face today. What made the story so engaging was the "realness" portrayed. The character, Zaria, was very well-developed so readers should be able to empathize with her. The novel was not just about a same sex relationship, but it was also a depiction of a journey about a determined, successful woman on the path to self-discovery. This was well worth the read. 

Reviewed by TygerLily 
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