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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Marlene moved to the United States at the age of eight. Growing up her love for books began her very first summer in the U.S. when her stepmother literally dragged her to the library so that she would not spend her entire summer running the streets. Like a match made in heaven Marlene took to reading like a fish to water.

Growing up some of her favorite authors were Laura Ingalls Wilder, Beverley Cleary and like most other young girls Judy Blume. She felt that growing up in a house with three brothers and no sister she was lucky to find an author like Ms Blume to educate her on the trials and tribulations of being a young girl. Marlene laughingly states that due to having a tight-lipped, strict stepmother, she was happy to have access to such books as 'Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret', 'Blubber' and 'Forever' to keep her informed as she advance into womanhood.

Marlene began writing poetry at the age of eleven and says that from that point on she felt lost if she did not have a pen and her trusty composition notebook with her at all times.

In 2004, while between jobs she began the task of writing her first book, ‘Jamaican Gal’. Marlene states that she wrote this book to bring some of the Island feel to the readers. She rarely saw too many books depicting her home or use of the dialect. Drawing from her memories and experiences of her first eight years she painted a compelling and very vivid picture of what it was like living in Jamaica, moving to a different country at such a young age and trying to integrate into such a different culture.

To maintain more control of her book, Marlene self-published her second book, ‘Babies Daddies’ in May 2005. She published her third book ‘Making It On My Own’ in 2006 and released her fourth book, 'Island Beauty' June 1, 2009. She is currently working on several soon to be released titles, such as, ‘Dark Side Of Love’, ‘UnWanted' 'Babies' Daddies-The Remix’ and ‘Sins Of The The Daughter’.

In 2008 Marlene was eager to try her hand at penning a story a little different from her usual contemporary style genre. Although apprehensive and doubting her creative skills she took on the challenge of writing, a very provocative, stirring, yet full of emotions story titled, ‘Lookin’ For A Lover…' The Erotica took off immediately and has been one of her best sellers. In July of 2011 she released second Erotic ebook novella, ‘Black Cherry’ which was very well received by the readers. Marlene laughingly admits that she wrote these titles under the pen name Zaria due to the explicit content of the stories. She is currently working on the second part of Lookin For A Lover… titled ‘Lookin For A Lover…Again’ and ‘Black Cherry 2, Changing Flavor’ 

She is always eager to hear from her readers, claiming that their comments and opinions of her stories are very important to her and helps her to grow into a better writer. To contact Marlene please feel free to leave a comment in her guestbook or email her at  


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